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International Geographical Congress - IGC 2012, Cologne

August 26-30, 2012, Cologne, Germany


December 15: abstract submission

December 31: applications for grants offered by the IGU and the Local Comittee

General Information

The 32nd International Geographical Congress in Cologne focuses scientific attention on the core themes of humanity. Researchers from around the world are expected in Cologne in 2012.
Geographers bring the wide-ranging perspectives and methodology of their subject to bear on four major thematic complexes and contribute to the solution of urgent scientific and socio-political issues – bringing research down to earth:

Sessions Chaired or Co-Chaired by SPP Researchers

Researchers from the SPP Megacities-Megachallenge are welcoming your papers for the following sessions:

Session: Knowledge, networks and innovation in China’s development
Chairs: Ingo Liefner & Susan Walcott

Session: Management Geography – Embedding COPs in changing global urban networks
Chairs: Rolf D. Schlunze & Elmar Kulke

Session: Spatial network science and complex systems – Methods, data, and application
Chairs: Stefan Hennemann & Franz Huber

Session: The emergence of China’s regional economies in the global economy: a new perspective on upgrading and innovation in global-local networks
Chairs: Daniel Schiller & Javier Revilla Diez

Session: Technological and environmental Change in the South
Chairs: Raquib Ahmed & Boris Braun

Session: Risk governance in Southeast Asian cities
Chairs: Javier Revilla Diez & Frauke Kraas

Session: International migration and `glocal´ spaces of vulnerability
Chairs: Benjamin Etzold & Tabea Bork

Session: Megacities: Informal dynamics of global change
Chairs: Peter Herrle & Kraas Frauke

Session: The non-/viability of “informality” – Taking critical stock of a contested concept
Chairs: Markus Keck & Harald Sterly

Session: Uneven geography of power: The production of ‘dominant spaces’ in urban environments
Chairs: Kirsten Hackenbroch & Shahadat Hossain

Session: Conceptualising regional governance in Chinese mega-urban regions
Chair(s): Werner Breitung & Gu Chaolin


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