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Multiple Modernities in the Megacity: Economic and Spatial Restructuring of Food Markets in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The mega urban food system of Dhaka is currently experiencing the rapid growth of modern retail outlets. This modernization process is driven by global change both in terms of new global food chains and changing food and shopping preferences and impacts the existing retail system of Dhaka in many ways. It gradually leads to shifts in its economic and spatial structure, but it also requires specific marketing strategies from the side of the new food entrepreneurs to cater the needs of the mega urban consumers.

The coexistence of and the interaction between existing and newly established food retail structures leads to what Jackson (2004) has called “multiple modernities”. Global economic drivers, new food habits, new types of food outlets, and the characteristics and needs of the largely informally organized existing food system interact in a dynamic way, thus creating complex new forms of modernity.

The project will analyze these processes empirically by integrating the perspectives of development economics and cultural geography.

Research Team:

Project Speaker: Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Bohle (Geography Department, University of Bonn). E-Mail: bohle@giub.uni-bonn.de, Tel.: (+49) 228 73 - 3688

Project Coordinator:Prof. Dr. Michael von Hauff (Department of Economics, University of Kaiserslautern). E-Mail: hauff@wiwi.uni-kl.de, Tel.:  (+49) 631 - 205 3763

Research Associate:Markus Keck, M.Sc. Geography (Geography Department, University of Bonn). E-Mail: markus.keck@geographie.uni-bonn.de, Tel.:  (+49) 228 73 - 60684

Research Associate: Christine Hobelsberger, M.A. International Management (Department of Economics, University of Kaiserslautern). E-Mail: hobelsberger@wiwi.uni-kl.de, Tel.:  (+49) 631 - 205 3766