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Informal settlements, economic and environmental change, and public health - Strategies to improve the quality of life in Dhaka

DHAKA-INNOVATE is centred around the informal settlements of Dhaka and focuses on 3 interwoven topics of vital relevance for the future development of the Mega-City of Dhaka, Bangladesh: Firstly, socioeconomic development, limitations, and improvement strategies; secondly, climatologic and air pollution effects from local to global scale; thirdly, public health issues related to socioeconomics, climate and air pollution. The research is undertaken in a spatially explicit way, linked in with remote sensing derived meta-indicators, and integrated via GIS-based modelling approaches.

The research is taking into account the globalised framework of relevant processes, both socioeconomically and environmentally. Local effects will hence be embedded in a multiscale framework, focussing to derive relevant indicators in the context of global, regional and local driving forces. Results will on the one hand facilitate an integrated modelling allowing for future perspectives in the light of relevant processes in the context of Dhaka. On the other hand, indicator based and spatially explicit explanation pathways open up the opportunity to transfer results to other Mega-Cities.

Research Team

Dpt. of Climatology (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) Dpt. of Economic Geography (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) Dpt. of Public Health Medicine (Universität Bielefeld) Geomatics Lab (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Local Partner
Department of Geography and Environment (Dhaka University)