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Special Issues

Since 2009, several special issues as well as edited volumes with contributions by researchers from the SPP have been published.

Die ERDE, vol. 140, issue 1, 2009: Informal Dynamics of a Megacity (order issue or single articles at the publisher)

Etzold, B., Bohle, H., Keck, M., Zingel, W.: Informality as Agency – Negotiating Food Security in Dhaka, pp. 3-24

Kulke, E., Staffeld, R.: Informal Production Systems – the Role of the Informal Economy in the Plastic Recycling and Processing Industry in Dhaka, pp. 25-46

Hackenbroch, K., Baumgart, S., Kreibich, V.: The Spatiality of Livelihoods: Urban Public Space as an Asset for the Livelihoods of the Urban Poor in Dhaka, Bangladesh, pp. 47-68

Khan, M., Krämer, A., Grübner, O.: Comparison of Health-Related Outcomes between Urban Slums, Urban Affluent and Rural Areas in and around Dhaka Megacity, Bangladesh, pp. 69-92

Burkart, K., Endlicher, W.: Assessing the Atmospheric Impact on Public Health in the Megacity of Dhaka, Bangladesh, pp. 93-109

Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie , vol. 56. issue 1-2, 2011: Megacities in China – Informal Dynamics of Global Change

Schiller, D.: Informal dynamics of economic processes. Remarks on the potential of the informality concept, pp. 1-8 [.pdf link]

Meyer, S.: The world’s factory and informal ties: Organisation of firm networks in the electronics industry in the Greater Pearl River Delta, China, pp. 9 – 24

Bickenbach, F., Liu, W.-H. : IFirm characteristics and informal governance of business
operations in the Pearl River Delta, China, pp. 25 – 42

Keck, M., Bohle, H.-G., Zingel, W.-P. : Dealing with insecurity. Informal relations
and risk adaptation among food wholesalers in Dhaka, Bangladesh, pp. 43 – 57

Hartmann Kilian, P., Schiller, D., Kraas, F.: Workplace quality and labour turnover in the electronics industry of the Pearl River Delta, China: Contrasting employer and employee perspectives, pp. 58 – 79

Fu, W., Schiller, D., Revilla Diez, J.: Strategies of using social proximity and organizational proximity in product innovation: Empirical insight from the Pearl River Delta, China, pp. 80 – 96

Schröder, F., Waibel, M. : Strategies of using social proximity and organizational proximity in product innovation: Empirical insight from the Pearl River Delta, China, pp. 80 – 96

Geographischhe Zeitschrift, vol. 9. issue 1, 2011

Kraas,F.: Editorial: Megacities in China – Informal Dynamics of Global Change

Herrle, P., Fokdal, J.: Beyond the Urban Informality Discourse: Negotiating Power, Legitimacy and Resources

Bork, Z., Kraas, F., Xue, D., Li, Z.: Urban environmental health challenges in China’s villages-in-the-city

Tang, B., Tomba, L., Breitung, W.: The work-unit is dead. Long live the work-unit! Spatial segregation and privilege in a work-unit housing compound in Guangzhou

Bercht, A. L., Wehrhahn, R.: Urban restructuring processes in Guangzhou/China – the significance of emotion-focussed coping

disP "Megacities", vol. 187, issue 4, 2011: (abstracts)

Baumgart, S., Kreibich, V.: Informal Urbanization - Historical and Geographical Perspectives (Guest Editorial)

Dick, E., Schmidt-Kallert, E.: Understanding the (Mega-)Urban from the Rural:
Non-Permanent Migration and Multi-Locational Households

Altrock, U., Schoon, S.: The Governance of Urban Upgrading in Southern China.
The Example of Urbanized Villages

Waibel, M., Schröder, F.: The Interplay of Innovative Urban Planning Approaches and Economic Upgrading in China: The Case of Guangzhou Mega-City

Hackenbroch, K.: Urban Informality and Negotiated Space. Negotiations of Access to Public Space in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rahman, T.: The Emergence of Informal Governance in Neighborhood Upgrading in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Edited Volumes

Colin McFarlane and Michael Waibel (2012): Urban Informalities - Reflections on the Formal and Informal (contents)

Ley, A.: Juggling with Formality and Informality in Housing: Some Lessons from the New South Africa

Demirtaş-Milz, N.: Urban Informality Reconsidered in a Neoliberal Context: Gecekondu, Identity, Poverty and Islamic Philanthropism in Turkey

Gandhi, A .: ‘Informal Moral Economies’ and Urban Governance in India

Arabindoo, P.: Bajji on the Beach: Middle-Class Food Practices in Chennai’s New Beach

Kurfürst, S.: Informality as a Strategy: Street Traders in Hanoi Facing Constant Insecurity

Keck, M.: Informality as Borrowed Security: Contested Food Markets in Dhaka, Bangladesh

de Cácia Oenning da Silva, R., Shaw, K.: Hip-hop and Sociality in a Brazilian Favela

Kreibich, V.: The Mode of Informal Urbanisation: Reconciling Social and Statutory Regulation in Urban Land Management

Altrock, U.: Conceptualising Informality: Some Thoughts on the Way towards Generalisation

Krämer, A., Khan, M. H., Kraas, F. (2011): Health in Megacities and Urban Areas

Krämer, A., Khan, M. H., Jahn H. J.: Public Health in Megacities and Urban Areas: A Conceptual Framework

Pinheiro, P., Plaß, D., Krämer, A.: The Burden of Disease Approach for Measuring
Population Health

Jahn H. J., Khan, M. H., Krämer, A.: Megaurbanisation and Public Health Research: Theoretical Dimensions

Mori, M., Oura, A., Shang, E., Ohnishi, F., Khan, A., Khan, M. H., Krämer, A.: Intervention Programme for Promoting Physical Activities in the Citizens of Sapporo City, Japan

Sakdapolrak, P., Seyler, T., Prasad, S.: Measuring the Local Burden of Diarrhoeal Disease Among Slum Dwellers in the Megacity Chennai, South India

Fehr, R., Annuss, R., Terschüren, C.: Urban Health in North Rhine-Westphalia

Schneider, A., Breitner, S., Brüske, I., Wolf, K., Rückerl, R., Peters, A.: Health Effects of Air Pollution and Air Temperature

Khan, M. H., Krämer, A., Prüfer-Krämer, L.: Climate Change and Infectious Diseases in Megacities of the Indian Subcontinent: A Literature Review

Burkart, K., Endlicher, W.: Human Bioclimate and Thermal Stress in the Megacity
of Dhaka, Bangladesh: Application and Evaluation of Thermophysiological Indices

Bork, T., Gransow, B., Kraas, F., Yuan, Y.: Marketization and Informalization of Health Care Services in Mega-Urban China

Jahn, H. J., Ling, L., Han, L., Xia, Y., Krämer, A.: Migration and Health in Megacities: A Chinese Example from Guangzhou, China

Staffeld, R., Kulke, E.: Informal Employment and Health Conditions in Dhaka’s Plastic
Recycling and Processing Industry

Strohschön, R., Azzam, R., Baier, K.: Mega-Urbanization in Guangzhou: Effects on Water Quality and Risks to Human Health

Mey, B., Wendisch, M., Jahn, H. J.: A New Approach to Link Satellite Observations
with Human Health by Aircraft Measurements

Gruebner, O., Khan, M. H., Hostert, P.: Spatial Epidemiological Applications in Public Health Research: Examples from the Megacity of Dhaka

Kroll, M., Butsch, C., Kraas, F.: Health Inequities in the City of Pune, India

Baumgart, S., Hackenbroch, K., Hossain, S., Kreibich, V.: IUrban Development and Public Health in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Zingel, W.-P., Keck, M., Etzold, B., Bohle, H.-G.: Urban Food Security and Health Status of the Poor in Dhaka, Bangladesh